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Dafgård: Installation in a power station

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Dafgård: Installation in a power station

"This year (2022) we took fire protection to a new level by bringing in MAUS," says Fredrik Ekenberg, Electrical Manager at Dafgårds. Our production lines are in operation around the clock and a fire in one of our operating rooms would have very serious consequences. Using powder and water as an extinguishing agent destroys our control cabinets and operating rooms, but with the help of MAUS, which has a solution with PGA, we have now secured these better and in a very smooth way".

PGA, Pyrotechnically Generated Aerosol, extinguishes fires with a harmless potassium smoke that does not damage electronics, engines or interiors. No decontamination is required and the installation is simple and very cost-effective. "At Dafgård's production facility, we chose, based on their own risk assessment, to make a completely customized solution with MAUS Stixx PRO. We also equipped their Fire & Rescue vehicle with our extinguishing grenade. (MAUS Granate) which has an extinguishing capacity of up to 150 m3," says Tommy Carlsson at MAUS.

"We have seen fires in food companies around Sweden and have experienced them before. In the kitchen in Källby there are many large ovens, fryers and pans where things can go wrong. With our own fire brigade, if an accident occurs, we ensure detailed knowledge of the facility and that we are also on site during the actual rescue work," says Magnus Dafgård, Deputy CEO.

Dafgårds fire & rescue

Dafgårds has invested in its own rescue service, a so-called first response team, called Dafgårds Fire & Rescue. With their own vehicle and a team of 10 people, they go on firefighting and first aid missions. All to increase safety in the factory and the community around Källby.

Gunnar Dafgård AB was founded in 1937 and is today Sweden's largest family business in the food industry. The company produces, sells and distributes frozen and chilled food for restaurants, commercial kitchens and the consumer market. All cooking takes place in the kitchen in Källby. In 2020, the company had a turnover of about SEK 3 billion and has about 1200 employees.

Dafgård: Installation in a power station

CompanyGunnar Dafgård AB
productMAUS Stixx PRO
Contact personTommy Carlsson
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