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Fire safety for the barbecue

In the barbecue, the flame is your friend, helping you create a delicious meal for your loved ones. But if it gets away, things can go bad quickly. MAUS decontamination-free fire extinguishers extinguish small fires without powdery residue.

In a gas grill, fat deposits form over time, which in turn can become a fire hazard in addition to the gas. That's why it's always a good idea to keep the MAUS Xtin Klein small fire extinguisher close at hand at the barbecue so that you can act quickly in the event of an accident. To protect others at the barbecue area, it is also good to have a fire blanket close at hand, where our MAUS Dekke is an excellent choice as it is the only fire blanket with pockets that protects your hands.

Fire safety for all environments

Cleaning up powder from a powder extinguisher is almost impossible. The powder causes rust in engines and if it gets on an electrical cable it can cause another fire a year later. Anything that gets in the way of powder will be destroyed. Instead, use our smart and decontamination-free technology first. Read more about how you can implement our concept in your environment for a safer everyday life.