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Fire safety for the kitchen

Flamed giant shrimps? A slow cooker on the stove? A bun in the oven? There's a lot of fun to be had in the kitchen, the heart of the house. MAUS decontamination-free fire extinguishers help you take early action against a fire without having to decontaminate afterwards.

The kitchen is the most dangerous place when it comes to fire safety. Kitchen equipment is one of the leading causes of house fires and fire damage. MAUS extinguishes small fires in grease and cooking oil. A MAUS on your kitchen shelf takes up as much space as your pepper mill and prepares you for any possible fire accident in the kitchen - without destroying your kitchen or other expensive electrical equipment in your kitchen such as coffee machine, oven, stove, fridge/freezer and baking machine. After the intervention and when the fire is extinguished, simply ventilate the potassium-based smoke and continue cooking.

Fire safety for all environments

Cleaning up powder from a powder extinguisher is almost impossible. The powder causes rust in engines and if it gets on an electrical cable it can cause another fire a year later. Anything that gets in the way of powder will be destroyed. Instead, use our smart and decontamination-free technology first. Read more about how you can implement our concept in your environment for a safer everyday life.