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Fire extinguishers for cars

MAUS XTIN Klein is a small fire extinguisher that fits in your car's glove compartment. It is capable of extinguishing small engine fires and you avoid expensive and time-consuming cleanup of your car because MAUS does not leave extinguishing residues such as foam and powder.

Where powder extinguishers are required in a vintage, racing, or luxury car, you should have a MAUS Xtin Klein as a complement and always use it first to avoid destroying unique engine parts and interiors with powder residues.

Cars on today's roads are getting safer and safer, but there are more car fires today than ever before. Don't forget to protect the most important thing in your car - your family and fellow passengers. Our MAUS Stixx Pro automatic fire protection can be easily installed in the battery box or fuse box where a fire may occur.

Fire safety for all environments

Cleaning up powder from a powder extinguisher is almost impossible. The powder causes rust in engines and if it gets on an electrical cable it can cause another fire a year later. Anything that gets in the way of powder will be destroyed. Instead, use our smart and decontamination-free technology first. Read more about how you can implement our concept in your environment for a safer everyday life.