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We have set a new standard since 2013

The future of fire protection technology is here. With devices so small and efficient, we have changed the way we look at fire protection. MAUS has developed a technology that is harmless to both the environment and people. It extinguishes fires without damaging engines, electronics or interiors with extinguishing residues such as powder and foam. MAUS technology is based on potassium and has several smart properties that make the technology a superior technology both in efficiency and in extinguishing properties. With our award-winning products, we have a recipe for how you can cost-effectively save huge amounts of money and at the same time avoid everything from production stoppages in industry to burnt down properties and vehicles.
Our technology has won several awards such as the Innovation Prize at Secours Expo 2021 in France and "Best Electricity News" at the Electricity Fair in Stockholm 2021. Our technology is patented, certified and developed in Sweden.

Our name

Johann Philipp Maus was a German pioneer and local firefighter who developed many life-saving techniques in the mid-19th century. It is Johann's name and legacy that gave us our name. Like Johann, we want to save more lives through innovation.

Our vision

Every person, building and vehicle should be equipped with, or have access to, a fire protection system that is always operational, maintenance-free and extinguishes fires without damaging the engine, interior or electronics.

Our innovation

MAUS doesn't just improve existing fire protection products - MAUS reinvents and changes the way we put out fires. With patented technology and award-winning, smart design, we work all over the world to create a safer life. We work closely with insurance companies such as Länsförsäkringar, and we provide fire protection for large organizations such as the Swedish Armed Forces, Pfizer, Dafgård, Jula etc. But most importantly, we make sure that private individuals can sleep well at night in their houses, boats and holiday vehicles.

Our mission

Our mission is to place fire protection where it was previously not possible. With products so small and versatile, we will revolutionize the way we put out fires and save more lives through our technology.