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MAUS Deck (Home)

550 kr

MAUS Dekke Home is a quality fire blanket that meets the requirements set by the authorities for a fire blanket and helps you to extinguish the fire safely. Thanks to our unique integrated hand protection in the corners of the fire blanket (yellow pockets in the picture), you reduce the risk of burning your hands during use. The fire blanket is made of fiberglass and has a size of 1.2m x 1.8m. The proven fire blanket is ideal for use in an indoor environment, in the office, boat or in the motorhome/caravan. It is not only a lifesaver but also looks great with its white, hard and shiny outer cover. 

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About MAUS fire blanket Cover Home

  • Able to cover an entire person with its 1.80m x 1.20m in an emergency.
  • Certified according to standard: SS EN-1869:1997.
  • Ready for immediate use with red 'Fast Pull' straps.
  • Fire protection in a minimalist and stylish design.
  • Wall mounting with plastic box possible.
  • Extinguishes the fire by smothering the oxygen.
  • Protection against flames, smoke and burns.
  • High safety standards - Developed in Sweden.
  • Robust plastic housing measuring 36x16x3.6cm.


  • Pull the red straps on the "Dekke Mobil" and unfold the fire blanket. 
  • Insert your hands into the yellow openings in the corners and walk with your arms outstretched towards the fire with the fire blanket in front of you.
  • Quickly and firmly place the fire blanket over the fire.
  • Make sure you close the fire source tightly to smother the fire.
  • Do not remove the fire blanket from the fire source.
  • Leave the fire covered and alert the fire brigade. As re-ignition of the fire by oxygen supply can never be excluded, you should definitely not cover the fire but let the fire brigade remove the fire blanket.


Ossi Billström
Homeowner, Upplands Väsby

"I had given my friend a Maus that he had in his bandwagon. When he was out driving in the woods, he noticed smoke in front of the window. He ran out with Maus in his hand and saw that it was bursting into flames. He pulled out the hose and sprayed the fire and it went out immediately. He was very grateful afterwards and avoided expensive costs if he had extinguished the fire with a powder extinguisher (which was also in the cabin)."

Michael Gumowski
Drivers Club (

"During our racing days around Sweden, the marshals are always equipped with MAUS. On three occasions this year we have extinguished car fires with MAUS. We extinguished a Ginetta G20 where the brake fluid had caught fire and a Time Attack Corvette where we were very close to using the powder extinguisher, but MAUS Xtin Klein also managed to extinguish that engine fire. Extinguishing a fire with a powder extinguisher in such exclusive and unique cars would be devastating and therefore MAUS is a natural part of our equipment.

Åke Hassellöf
Everyday hero, Christian Berner AB

"There was a minor engine fire in a passenger car on the highway. The driver ran in a semi-panic and retrieved snow from the ditch. He looked a bit skeptical when I arrived with the little red mower, but he was both happy and impressed by what it could do. It worked very well. We are going to send out some internal info in the company about the event, so there will be some nice publicity for the little extinguisher."

Peter Stackelberg

Overfilled T-red in the kitchen of my motorboat outside Norrtälje. It started burning outside the cassette and stickers on the kitchen burned up, grabbed the Maus and extinguished the fire quickly, but what was amazing was that it was only soot to wipe away in the ruff and not have to sanitize powder. Washed off the galley at home then put back in the boat. Maus saved the boat and was terribly effective. I give Maus 5 stars.Peter Stackelberg