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MAUS Rauch Smoke Detector

549 kr

Our houses burn down 8 times faster and produce 200 times more toxic smoke than they did 30 years ago, which means it's important that any fire is detected early to avoid endangering lives. The photoelectric WiFI smoke detector alerts you with a loud 85 dB alarm, a flashing light and a notification on your smartphone so you can detect the danger early or when you are not on site. The latest generation of preventive fire protection. The smart thing about MAUS Rauch is that you have control of the smoke detector wherever you are. Whether it's on your boat, in the basement or in the caravan, you have constant control over the many smoke detectors via a simple app (Tuya). It blends in nicely with the environment and according to the recommendation, there should be a smoke alarm in every room.

  • Certified
  • Usage
  • Location and rooms
  • Maintenance and care
  • Specifications

Certified security

MAUS Rauch complies with all relevant and necessary safety standards according to
CE EN 14604:2005/AC:2008

How to install the smart smoke detector

  • Download Tuya ( or the Smart Home app and follow the instruction manual provided.
  • Insert both batteries into the MAUS smoke detector.
  • Attach the battery cover and check that it is secure.
  • Screw or tape the base plate (the gray one) to a flat surface where you will place the smoke alarm. At least 50 cm from other objects (such as a wall) and the ceiling.
  • Place the smoke alarm on the base plate that is now attached to the ceiling and turn it so that the smoke alarm is attached to the ceiling with the base plate.
  • Test smoke detectors with the button (where it says MAUS in red letters) if it works.
  • Follow the steps in the instruction manual to pair your smoke alarm with the app so you can get notifications on your phone in case of a fire or when it's time to change the battery.

Placement in the room is important

The most important thing is proper placement in the individual rooms where a fire may occur. Whether it's in the bedroom, school or hallway, think carefully about where to install the smoke detector. Moreover, with the intelligent Wi-Fi compatibility, you can connect the smoke detectors in the boat, in the basement or in the caravan so that you are always in control.

In which rooms do I install a smoke alarm?

The standard states that all bedrooms and children's rooms, as well as corridors that serve as an escape route, must be equipped. We generally recommend optimal equipment, i.e. smoke alarms in all rooms.

Every smoke alarm needs a check

MAUS recommends the following steps every 12 months to ensure full functionality:

  • Test the smoke detector via the test button to see if it gives a signal. If the smoke alarm does not beep after a few seconds, there may be a fault.
  • We recommend that you do an annual visual inspection. Check the smoke alarm for dirt and damage. Dirt particles or insects can affect the sensors, which can lead to malfunctions. 
  • Check the battery status in the app.


Height247 mm
Width55 mm
MaterialPlastic & Metal


Ossi Billström
Homeowner, Upplands Väsby

"I had given my friend a Maus that he had in his bandwagon. When he was out driving in the woods, he noticed smoke in front of the window. He ran out with Maus in his hand and saw that it was bursting into flames. He pulled out the hose and sprayed the fire and it went out immediately. He was very grateful afterwards and avoided expensive costs if he had extinguished the fire with a powder extinguisher (which was also in the cabin)."

Michael Gumowski
Drivers Club (

"During our racing days around Sweden, the marshals are always equipped with MAUS. On three occasions this year we have extinguished car fires with MAUS. We extinguished a Ginetta G20 where the brake fluid had caught fire and a Time Attack Corvette where we were very close to using the powder extinguisher, but MAUS Xtin Klein also managed to extinguish that engine fire. Extinguishing a fire with a powder extinguisher in such exclusive and unique cars would be devastating and therefore MAUS is a natural part of our equipment.

Åke Hassellöf
Everyday hero, Christian Berner AB

"There was a minor engine fire in a passenger car on the highway. The driver ran in a semi-panic and retrieved snow from the ditch. He looked a bit skeptical when I arrived with the little red mower, but he was both happy and impressed by what it could do. It worked very well. We are going to send out some internal info in the company about the event, so there will be some nice publicity for the little extinguisher."

Peter Stackelberg

Overfilled T-red in the kitchen of my motorboat outside Norrtälje. It started burning outside the cassette and stickers on the kitchen burned up, grabbed the Maus and extinguished the fire quickly, but what was amazing was that it was only soot to wipe away in the ruff and not have to sanitize powder. Washed off the galley at home then put back in the boat. Maus saved the boat and was terribly effective. I give Maus 5 stars.Peter Stackelberg