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Fire safety for the office

Are your machines on 24/7? In an office environment, using a powder or foam extinguisher would be devastating.

The cleanup would be costly, time-consuming and all sensitive electronic equipment (computers, printers, servers, etc.) would all be completely destroyed by powder and foam. With MAUS decontamination-free fire extinguishers, you can stop the fire early without the risk of costly decontamination of valuable work tools and premises!

Our decontamination-free fire extinguishers MAUS Xtin Klein and the 3x more powerful MAUS Xtin Grand can easily stop a fire in your office without having to decontaminate or stop productivity. For spaces that are in constant use like server cabinets, we have our MAUS Stixx Pro automatic fire protection that extinguishes without the risk of destroying storage media or other sensitive electronics. Powder fire extinguishers need to be regularly tested and maintained to keep up their performance when needed.

Fire safety for all environments

Cleaning up powder from a powder extinguisher is almost impossible. The powder causes rust in engines and if it gets on an electrical cable it can cause another fire a year later. Anything that gets in the way of powder will be destroyed. Instead, use our smart and decontamination-free technology first. Read more about how you can implement our concept in your environment for a safer everyday life.