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Motorhome / Caravan Package S (Small)

4,655 kr

Is your dream vacation to be out discovering the world with a motorhome or caravan? With MAUS sanitization-free fire protection for motorhomes and caravans, you can feel safe and ready to act in case of fire. 


Caravan package Medium is perfect for those who want great security both inside and outside your caravan / motorhome. One MAUS Xtin Klein on the outside at the grill and one in the caravan / caravan means that in the event of a fire, you do not have to cancel the holiday and clean the caravan / caravan from unnecessary extinguishing residues, such as powder, but can easily ventilate smoke and only replace what the fire has damaged. MAUS Stixx PRO units are placed by the battery or other space where a fire can start (such as the compressor behind the fridge/freezer). The MAUS Rauch smoke alarm is smart and can send notifications to your phone in case of fire. The fire blanket has a soft front case and is equipped with smart pockets that protect your hands when it is covered over what is burning. The wall bracket allows you to attach one of the units inside the caravan/mobile home to the wall. The nozzle is perfect if there is a fire inside the caravan/mobile home and you do not want to open up the space where it burns more than necessary. You simply insert the nozzle into a gap or opening and push the "smoke" from MAUS Xtin Klein into it, closing the space and allowing the "smoke" to absorb the heat and interrupt the composition of the fire. 


A fire in a caravan or motorhome can happen very quickly. With MAUS easily accessible and effective fire protection, you can act immediately on any type of fire in your vehicle. Place fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke detectors so you can always act without risk to your own safety. With MAUS you have an innovative and environmentally friendly fire protection completely free of service and expensive cleanup costs. With our smart and award-winning self-triggering devices, MAUS Stixx PRO, you can install a preventive automatic fire protection that extinguishes the fire in smaller spaces (battery, LPG, electricity, etc.) before it spreads and causes major damage. Don't let a fire stop your motorhome vacation.


SAVE: 1164 kr.
(Regular Price: 5819 kr)

This package contains:

2x MAUS Xtin Klein Fire Extinguisher
1x Halter Klein Wall Bracket
1x Nozzle Klein Nozzle
1x MAUS Dekke Mobil Smart Fire Blanket
1x MAUS Rauch Smoke Alarm
2x MAUS Stixx PRO Automatic Fire Protection Unit


Ossi Billström
Homeowner, Upplands Väsby

"I had given my friend a Maus that he had in his bandwagon. When he was out driving in the woods, he noticed smoke in front of the window. He ran out with Maus in his hand and saw that it was bursting into flames. He pulled out the hose and sprayed the fire and it went out immediately. He was very grateful afterwards and avoided expensive costs if he had extinguished the fire with a powder extinguisher (which was also in the cabin)."

Michael Gumowski
Drivers Club (

"During our racing days around Sweden, the marshals are always equipped with MAUS. On three occasions this year we have extinguished car fires with MAUS. We extinguished a Ginetta G20 where the brake fluid had caught fire and a Time Attack Corvette where we were very close to using the powder extinguisher, but MAUS Xtin Klein also managed to extinguish that engine fire. Extinguishing a fire with a powder extinguisher in such exclusive and unique cars would be devastating and therefore MAUS is a natural part of our equipment.

Åke Hassellöf
Everyday hero, Christian Berner AB

"There was a minor engine fire in a passenger car on the highway. The driver ran in a semi-panic and retrieved snow from the ditch. He looked a bit skeptical when I arrived with the little red mower, but he was both happy and impressed by what it could do. It worked very well. We are going to send out some internal info in the company about the event, so there will be some nice publicity for the little extinguisher."

Peter Stackelberg

Overfilled T-red in the kitchen of my motorboat outside Norrtälje. It started burning outside the cassette and stickers on the kitchen burned up, grabbed the Maus and extinguished the fire quickly, but what was amazing was that it was only soot to wipe away in the ruff and not have to sanitize powder. Washed off the galley at home then put back in the boat. Maus saved the boat and was terribly effective. I give Maus 5 stars.Peter Stackelberg